New teachers attend orientation at Cape Girardeau Public Schools

Cape Girardeau Public School’s new teachers were in “school” last week for two days learning about assessment, technology, curriculum, professional development and other subjects, when they took a break to pose for the photo above.  In the back row, left to right, are  Meg Yates, who will be teaching at Alma Schrader; Megan Frownfelter, CJHS; Mark Allen CHS; Doug Dysort, CHS; Ed Cole, CHS; Ed Draper, CJHS; Jordan Cox, CHS; Michael Harrer, CHS/CJHS; Curtis Ackman, CJHS; Bill Geiger, CTC; Josh Tomlin, Alt. School; Brian Probst, CHS; Robert Batson, CJHS; Michelle Cook, CJHS; Jennifer Schroeder, CMS; Laura Green, CMS and Kasey Grubb, Alma Schrader.  In the front row are Laura McClard, CHS; Kelly Reeves, Franklin; Kyndra Williams, CJHS; Julie Janzow, CJHS; Lindsey Legrand, Alma Schrader; Emily Viers CJHS; Nancy Robertson, CJHS; Alyssa Anderson, Franklin; Elizabeth Speicher, Franklin; Jennifer Cooke, CMS and Melissa Bradshaw, CJHS.  Not pictured is Lucy Warmke, Clippard Elementary.  Students will begin classes August 16.




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